Fran McCaskill  
I adore working with glass, it can be cut, painted and manipulated into anything you want!  All my pieces are hand cut, hand painted and then fired and are original with a graphic quirky twist!  

New for 2024

Now creating larger art pieces following frequent requests, able to produce large commissions up to 80cm x 40cm

Now awarded 'Trademarked' Artist with Surrey Hill Enterprises
Accreditation and a Mark of local provenance, quality, and sustainability. The Award promotes the very best of what Surrey has to offer and celebrates those organisations of high quality that reflect and support the distinct and special nature of the Surrey Hills and who share the values of supporting the local environment.

Your Pet immortalized in glass still going strong
Pet Commissions

My creations can be seen and bought at select Outlets

My online shop is open and ready for you to browse and buy direct from me or just email me direct with any requests and I will be happy to help you!

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Animals, bees, birds, cats, dogs, flying things, flowers and seedpods, hares, houses, seaside, panels, rainbows and hearts.

Please feel free to contact me with any design requests, information & order inquiries etc:


Phone: +44 7910 025507


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see you soon! xxx